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Storage at your doorstep

We collect your stuff for free, we store it
and bring it to you anytime.

From 3,90 €/month

Here's how it works

The new way to store your stuff comfortably.

Recogemos tus cosas

We collect your stuff for FREE

Las guardamos

We store it in our secure storage units

Te devolvemos lo que quieras

With just a click or a call we bring you back what you want

Let's see how much space you need

Don't worry, just select a plan to start! We won't charge you until we collect your things and will adjust the plan according to the amount of space you use.

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Small plans
from 0,5 to 2 m2
Desde -- €/mes
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From 21,90 €/month
VAT and Insurance incl.
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Medium plans
from 3 to 5 m2
Desde -- €/mes
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From 74,90 €/month
VAT and Insurance incl.
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Large plans
7,5 m2 or more
Desde -- €/mes
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From 125,90 €/month
VAT and Insurance incl.
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Need more space?
Not sure which plan suits you?

One of our experts can help you find the most comfortable and economical option without compromise.

Your online catalogue

Your online catalogue

Organize your stuff and schedule the delivery of your things from your computer or your smartphone.


Boxmotions is better than a storage rental

  Boxmotions Self-storage
Storage space
FREE pick-up transportation
Online catalogue with photos of your stored items
High quality boxes FREE of charge
Flexible plans so that you only pay for what you store each month

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